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Talking 2.0

Last week, The Buzz Bin wrote about Five Quick Tips for Enterprise Adoption.  I’m not into the business jargon thing, but I assumed the post didn’t have anything to do with a starship.  Whaddaya know — turns out I was correct.  I’ve lifted a rather hefty chunk of the post because I think there are some very useful and time-saving tips here (always a good way to kick off a Monday):


From Five Quick Tips for Enterprise Adoption:

1) Communicate using social networks. In reality, social media represents a new form of communication. For example email became an easier way to send a letter or fax.  Encourage employees to communicate with the external world (such as members of the media or sales prospects), not via email, but through social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  This forces them online, and at the same time, simply replaces a task that’s already being done with another tool, and one that’s free…

2) Set up an internal blog or wiki to share links.You know that guy, the one who emails links to everyone?  Well, it’s likely that you have some sort of enterprise software or can set up a free account on WetPaint or Ning that will allow employees to log into a closed network and share links. So set it up, and ask employees to share resources on the internal social wiki, blog or network instead of email everyone.  It will actually increase productivity for those not clicking through, and provide a means of discussion for those who do, and a historical record/bookmark for the link.

3) Use an internal blog for project management. If you  have a far flung team across several offices use a private/internal blog to provide updates on progress and solicit feedback.  Again, this is another activity that’s usually done via email and Word, so you are not requiring new work, just changing the way it is delivered. You can also use a tool like Basecamp for filesharing.

4) Think people are tweeting or Facebooking during work?Some enterprises get in a real tizzy about this.  But maybe instead of policing this, the right approach is to encourage microblogging across the organization with Yammer!Some companies let teams use IM or email to electronically chatter, too.  Again, this is another way to harness that activity and build an enterprise wide conversation.


And now, think good thoughts for everyone running the Boston Marathon!


April 20, 2009 - Posted by | Discussion Groups, Miscellaneous

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  1. “You know that guy, the one who emails links to everyone?”

    Which one? There’s usually about 5 or 6, who send the same link to everyone. 😉 Really though, even useful links that I want to receive just clog up already overloaded inboxes. Internal wikis or blogs (added to an RSS feed) make life a little easier.

    Comment by Kama Timbrell | April 20, 2009 | Reply

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