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Social networking roundup

It’s nice being able to type with my left forefinger again — I accidentally smashed it so hard in a door late last week I almost threw up.  (You figure if you have to endure that much pain, you at least want a black fingernail to show for it.  No dice.)


I could talk about social networking until I’m blue in the face (actually, I do talk about social networking until I’m blue in the face), but there’s only so much you can say without using examples.  Booksquare lists several publishing / publisher blogs in this post about social networking.  One important point Kassia Krozser makes is that you can’t control what people say about your book / brand — much like you can’t control whether a book garners good or bad reviews — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contribute to the conversation.


Speaking of social networking, some of you may have heard of (one of) the latest additions to the literary social networking world: Red Room.  (Authors can join by invitation only.  Oooh.)  I poked around a bit when one of my authors was invited to join, but haven’t been back since then because I don’t have enough time and / or don’t care enough.  Fortunately, others do.  Mark Athitakis of American Fiction Notes posts some of his thoughts about Red Room.


For anyone curious about the microblogging site Twitter, Dave Fleet posts some of the most basic, i.e., useful, tips I’ve seen for the Twitter novice.  He briefly explains what Twitter is and how to sign up for an account and then walks you through using the site.  To see what others are doing on Twitter, you can check this Buzz Bin post that links to various journalist / company profiles.

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What the elections can teach us about media (and social media)

I met up with my running group at the New York Running Company last night.  The store was nearly empty, save for a handful of people glued to the television.  Outside the Time Warner Center, a gaggle of people was clustered around the television in the window of First Republic Bank.  Meanwhile, the TV-less seating area in front of Whole Foods — usually packed 24/7 — was empty.

Which is ironic, because in 2008, you don’t need a TV (or even a computer) to follow the news.  I whipped out my phone and between Twitter and my friend’s Facebook status updates, I knew how many electoral votes each candidate had and which states had been called for Obama or McCain.  In fact, several articles this morning focused on the social media expertise of the Obama campaign: Ad Age, The Buzz Bin, and Christopher S. Penn’s Awaken Your Superhero among others.  Those of you who have Facebook accounts know that many people “donated” their statuses to a candidate or virtually “got out the vote.”  (And still others, wary of publicly declaring a political affiliation, simply exhorted friends vote.)

While we can’t guarantee that what works for politics will work for books, we can say that many consumers — although maybe not the ones glued to the TV in front of the Time Warner Center — are interacting and being influenced in new and different ways.


Down the Avenue posts front pages of various American and foreign newspapers (both hard copies and websites).  The American papers, of course, feature massive Obama headlines … so do the foreign newspapers.  I was amused — when have we ever cared that much about what was going on in other countries?  (And how many UK / European / Asian bestsellers have you tried publicizing only to have them, well, uh, not be bestsellers here?)

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Morning Brief — Thursday, May 22

Tiffany from Krupp reports “Jessica Guff from GMA Now is taking a six-month leave of absence starting in June.  Moving forward, contact Lee Alexander and/or Laiea Smith.”


The PR blog The Buzz Bin talks up the importance of bloggers commenting on other blogs.  (You may remember that the other day The Publicity Hound’s Blog posted about blog comments as well.)


ReadWriteWeb posts some very handy tips about social media, essentially social media 101.  It talks about blogging and also using social networks, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


RWW also lists the top 10 social networking sites for the month of April.  Although MySpace has far and away the most members, its three percent growth last month is a sliver of the 56 percent growth rate for Facebook or 361 percent for LinkedIn.


Buzz, Balls & Hype runs a feature about how often authors should check in with their agents.  As a publicist, I don’t have much to do with the author / agent relationship, but it’s interesting to see how these things work.

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