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Morning Brief — Monday, May 19

The Literary Saloon mentions a couple new book blogs at Harper’s and the New Yorker.  Also, Bud Parr of Chekhov’s Mistress brings our attention to the new Kenyon Review Online and the accompanying blog.


Ed Champion of Edward Champion’s Filthy Habits sent over a link to A Whole Lotta Nothing post that provides some tips about how to pitch bloggers; chief among them, don’t blast email a stock press release.


Thinking about starting a blog but wondering what it should look like?  Chris Brogan gives some tips including what to include in your “About” link, what to include in a blog roll, what fonts and colors to use, and more.


Joan Stewart of The Publicity Hound’s Blog talks up the benefits of commenting of blogs.  (Blogging isn’t just about writing posts on your own blog — it’s about interacting with other blogs and bloggers too.)


And finally, authors who are comfortable blogging and who have regular traffic (or are willing to blog regardless), may want to consider blogging their tour.  Buzz, Balls & Hype links to Tony Horwitz’s USA TODAY guest blog for his tour for A Voyage Long and Strange.

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Morning Brief — April 29, 2008

ReadWriteWeb posts about how best to Digg stories.  (Yes, there’s a technique that includes leaving out references to individual sites — we may all know what Gawker is, but does the rest of the world? — submitting to unusual categories and submitting often so your votes count more.)


For those of you who don’t follow the daily book section blogs (Boston Globe, DMN, Sun-Sentinel, LAT, NYT, WaPo, etc.), I encourage you to do so — you can find the links to these sites on my blogroll.  Today, Paper Cuts, one of the NYT’s book blogs, featured “outtakes” from Dave Itzkoff’s Sunday Styles profile with Keith Gessen.  Off the Shelf (the Globe’s book blog) and Texas Pages (the Dallas Morning News’ blog) always list local author events and the latter often runs excerpts of books that are reviewed in the print edition.  Of course, with the LAT Book Fest this weekend, the folks over at Jacket Copy, the LAT book blog, were working overtime.  Long story short, there’s a ton of original content on these blogs that you won’t want to miss.  I haven’t had time to investigate all the papers that might also have book blogs, so if anyone would like to contribute other book section blogs for my edification, please, you know, feel free to let me know.


The (London) Times via The Literary Saloon writes about the history of bestseller lists.  (Apparently Brits think bestseller lists are crass and American.  Now whatever gave them that idea?)

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