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What’s Twitter all about and how can it help book publicists?

I came late to Twitter.  I didn’t think a lot of my friends used it (they don’t) and I thought “Twitter” was a stupid name (it is).  But why’s it so important that everyone can’t shut up about it?

There are actually two types of things you can do on Twitter: post your status for people who are following you and follow the status of those people whom you might be following.  You may be thinking this sounds dumb because we really don’t need to know what someone is eating for lunch, but some journalists and bloggers also use Twitter to post queries or even to conduct interviews (and of course there’s that Berkeley kid who managed to post the word “arrested” to his Twitter account when he was nabbed at a protest in Egypt).

In the past couple days, PR Squared posted a list of media people who use Twitter and ReadWriteWeb explained how they use Twitter as journalists.  Both posts show Twitter screen captures so you can see what exactly is going on.  Yesterday Valleywag chimed in.  (Apparently there are 80,000 Twitter users.  Business Week’s Blogspotting blog just posted about how various business are using Twitter and if you really want to stay on top of the Twitter big shots, check out Alltop’s Twitterati.

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Morning Brief — April 9, 2008

Yesterday GalleyCat posted some a list of some “unboring” book blogs.


And a friend who attended the recent PCNY / Publicity Club of New York online media lunch passed on a list of some media blogs:

— Business Week’s BlogSpotting

— HuffPo’s Eat The Press

— MediaPost’s Just an Online Minute

— New York’s Daily Intelligencer

— Portfolio’s Mixed Media

Depending on what kinds of books you work on, you may be pitching these bloggers or you may just be following these sites.  Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be familiar with the blogs if you are pitching them.  Also, keep in mind that some blogs have multiple writers who regularly post, each with a different “beat,” so make sure you pitch the right person.  Sometimes the best — or only — way to pitch a blog is to use a Comments or Contact form on the site.  Use it.  If an email isn’t listed, it isn’t listed for a reason — it’s not an oversight.  Although it may be a little inconvenient for us, we need to contact bloggers (or any media person, really) on their terms.

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