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NPR Books Watch — 7/15-7/22

Anyone who emails me the imprints of all the books listed (or houses if no imprint is available) will win the NPR Books Grid for the prior week that includes, in addition to the information below, interviewer, pub date, imprint, genre, post-interview Amazon ranking, pre-interview ranking (if the book was mentioned on Shelf Awareness and I was able to look up the number before the interview), and interview hyperlink.


TOTAL book stories for the past week: 21 (24 last week)

All Things Considered: 4 (5 LW)

Diane Rehm: 0 (1 LW)

Fresh Air: 4 (3 LW)

Morning Edition: 2 (1 LW) 4 (5 LW)

Talk of the Nation: 3 (2 LW)

Tell Me More: 0 (1 LW)

Weekend Edition Saturday: 3 (3 LW)

Weekend Edition Sunday: 1 (3 LW)

All Things Considered Disappearing Spoon, The Sam Kean
All Things Considered California Schemin’ Gavin Bain
All Things Considered Full Cup, A Michael D’Antonio
All Things Considered My Guilty Pleasure / Mennonite in a Little Black Dress Rhoda Janzen
Fresh Air Obituary / Remembering Harvey Pekar In All Of His ‘Splendor’    
Fresh Air Fever, The Sonia Shah
Fresh Air Songs of Hollywood Philip Furia
Fresh Air Four Fish Paul  Greenberg
Morning Edition Cook’s Country Best Potluck Recipes Chris Kimball
Morning Edition Hamlet’s Blackberry William Powers New Face of Jazz Cicily Janus Layover in Dubai Dan Fesperman Fun In The Sun: Laugh-Out-Loud Summer Books Ghost of Milagro Creek, The Melanie Sumner
Talk of the Nation Hackers Stephen Levy
Talk of the Nation Wilson Daniel Clowes
Talk of the Nation Cocaine Nation Tom Feiling
Weekend Edition Saturday Never Tell Our Business to Strangers Jennifer Mascia
Weekend Edition Saturday Obituary / Ordinary Life Was Hard Enough For Harvey Pekar    
Weekend Edition Saturday Bliss, Remembered Frank DeFord
Weekend Edition Sunday Theater Geek Mickey Rapkin

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  1. How do people get their books on NPR? I’m a newbie, so I’m wondering if there’s some kind of secret handshake or e-mail address all the cool PR kids know about, or if everyone is using the same Contact Us form on NPR’s Web site.

    Comment by Charline | July 26, 2010 | Reply

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