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NPR Books Watch — 5/14-5/20

So who’s in town next week for BEA?  And of course, BBC (Book Blogger Convention), on Friday, May 28.  (I’m really excited to be joining some fellow bloggers on the marketing panel!)


Anyone who emails me the imprints of all the books listed (or houses if no imprint is available) will win the NPR Books Grid for the prior week that includes, in addition to the information below, interviewer, pub date, imprint, genre, post-interview Amazon ranking, pre-interview ranking (if the book was mentioned on Shelf Awareness and I was able to look up the number before the interview), and interview hyperlink.

* indicates the interview is a rebroadcast.


TOTAL book stories for the past week: 26

All Things Considered: 2 (2 LW)

Diane Rehm: 5 (4 LW)

Fresh Air: 4 (2 LW)

Morning Edition: 3 (1 LW) 4 (4 LW)

Talk of the Nation: 3 (3 LW)

Tell Me More: 1 (1 LW)

Weekend Edition Saturday: 2 (1 LW)

Weekend Edition Sunday: 2 (1 LW)

All Things Considered Reluctant Fundamentalist, The Mohsin  Hamid
All Things Considered Revolutionaries Jack Rakove
Diane Rehm Anthill* E.O. Wilson
Diane Rehm Undaunted* Zoya  Phan
Diane Rehm Mosque In Munich, A Ian  Johnson
Diane Rehm Other Wes Moore, The Wes Moore
Diane Rehm Actor and a Gentleman, A Louis Gossett Jr.
Fresh Air Bottled and Sold Peter  Gleick
Fresh Air Somewhere Inside Laura Ling
Fresh Air Slow Love Dominique Browning
Fresh Air Tattoos on the Heart Father Gregory Boyle
Morning Edition Ilustrado Miguel Syjuco
Morning Edition End of the Free Market, The Peter Bremmer
Morning Edition Dead Republic, The Roddy Doyle Long Song, The Andrea Levy Island Beneath the Sea Isabel Allende Private Life Jane Smiley Pregnant Widow, The Martin Amis
Talk of the Nation Nomad Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Talk of the Nation Invisible Gorrilla, The Christopher Chabris
Talk of the Nation Kill Shakespeare Conor McCreery
Tell Me More Foxy Pam Grier
Weekend Edition Saturday Innocent Scott Turow
Weekend Edition Saturday Last Hero, The Howard Bryant
Weekend Edition Sunday Should You Judge This Book By Its Cover? Julian Baggini
Weekend Edition Sunday Red Pyramid, The Rick Riordan

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  1. How could you possible give a review to Hampton Sides’ Hellhound on His Trail when it is written as fiction yet claims to be fact. A cursory review by someone not even acquainted with the facts of Dr. King’s murder will show his book is filled with hyperbole, conjecture, baseless exaggeration, not to mention factually wrong frequently. ON THE OTHER HAND

    Comment by brian dominski | May 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. CONTINUED FROM LAST EMAIL SUBMISSION….On the other hand, you refuse to review The 13th Juror, The Official Trial Transcript of the Martin Luther King assassination conspiracy, which is unique in that it reads exceptionally well yet is the actual court transcript of the tamped-down trial proving a conspiracy in King’s murder. Please, for the sake of truth and justice and fair play, you must review this book if you’ve reviewed Sides. It is found at or Amazon books and was just published last May, yet everyone from the Wall Street Journal to the local Commercial Appeal have turned a blind eye and refuse to review this essential and historical work on King’s assassination.

    Comment by brian dominski | May 21, 2010 | Reply

  3. Another uniqueness to The 13th Juror is that it is interactive, in that you may actually act as if you are a juror at the trial and enter your verdict on-line when done. A very unique book/internet interaction in a legal forum not done before.

    Comment by brian dominski | May 21, 2010 | Reply

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