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NPR Books Watch — 11/27-12/3

Here are the NPR interviews for the last week. Anyone who emails me the imprints of all the books listed (or houses if no imprint is available) will win the NPR Books Grid for the prior week that includes, in addition to the information below, interviewer, pub date, imprint, genre, post-interview Amazon ranking, pre-interview ranking (if the book was mentioned on Shelf Awareness and I was able to look up the number before the interview), and interview hyperlink.


TOTAL book stories for the past week: 21 (30 last week, but really, the week of 11/13-11/19)

All Things Considered: 4 (6 LW)

Diane Rehm: 4 (3 LW)

Fresh Air: 2 (2 LW)

Morning Edition: 2 (3 LW) 1 (4 LW)

Talk of the Nation: 4 (9LW)

Tell Me More: 2 (1 LW)

Weekend Edition Saturday: 0 (1 LW)

Weekend Edition Sunday: 2 (1 LW)

All Things Considered Raymond Carver Carol Sklenicka
All Things Considered Three Books … / These Aren’t Your Geek’s Graphic Novels    
All Things Considered River Gods, The Brian Kitely
All Things Considered My Guilty Pleasure / Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert
Diane Rehm Annie’s Ghosts* Steve  Luxenberg
Diane Rehm Bringing It to the Table Wendell Berry
Diane Rehm Stones into Schools Greg Mortenson
Diane Rehm Surviving Against the Odds Maya  Soetoro-Ng
Fresh Air Dangerously Funny David Bianculli
Fresh Air Up In The Air (Movie tie-in) Walter Kirn
Morning Edition Neil Gaiman Asks: Heard Any Good Books Lately?    
Morning Edition Season’s Readings Best Five Books To Share With Your Friends    
Talk of the Nation Making of a Stand Up Guy Charlie Murphy
Talk of the Nation Pops Terry Teachout
Talk of the Nation Our Insatiable Appetite For Cookbooks    
Talk of the Nation A Climate Change Reading List For Laypeople    
Tell Me More Without Fidel Ann Louise  Bardach
Tell Me More Murder in the Name of Honor Rana Husseini
Weekend Edition Sunday Poor Man’s Provence Rheta Grimsley  Johnson
Weekend Edition Sunday Reality Behind Fantasy Fiction    

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