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NPR Books Watch — 5/29-6/4

The NPR Books Watch is back!

Here are the NPR interviews for this week.  Anyone who emails me the imprints of all the books listed (or houses if no imprint is available) will win the NPR Books Grid for the prior week that includes, in addition to the information below, interviewer, pub date, imprint, genre, post-interview Amazon ranking, pre-interview ranking (if the book was mentioned on Shelf Awareness and I was able to look up the number before the interview), and interview hyperlink.


TOTAL book stories for the week: 24

All Things Considered: 5

Diane Rehm: 4

Fresh Air: 4

Morning Edition: 2 1

Talk of the Nation: 4

Weekend Edition Saturday: 1

Weekend Edition Sunday: 1

* rebroadcast

All Things Considered Unlikely Disciple Kevin Roose
All Things Considered Strokes of Genius Jon Werthem
All Things Considered Three Books … / Forbidden Pages    
All Things Considered Weddings of the Times Dan Klein
All Things Considered Leaving Tangier Tahar Ben Jelloun
All Things Considered Novel, The Nawal El Saadawi
Diane Rehm Picking Cotton* Jennifer  Thompson-Cannino 
Diane Rehm In the Sanctuary of Outcasts Neil  White
Diane Rehm Shop Class As Soulcraft Matthew  Crawford
Diane Rehm Womenomics Claire  Shipman
Fresh Air Years of Talking Dangerously Geoff Nunberg
Fresh Air Books We Like / You or Someone Like You Chandler Burr
Fresh Air Forever War Dexter Filkins
Fresh Air Assisted Loving* Bob Miller
Morning Edition Home Game Michael Lewis
Morning Edition Obituary / Entwined Destinies Rosalind Welles Apassionata Eva Hoffman
Talk of the Nation Dissection John Harley  Warner 
Talk of the Nation Economic Naturalist’s Field Guide Robert Frank
Talk of the Nation Edible History of Humanity Tom Standage
Talk of the Nation Dawn Like Thunder Robert Mrazek
Weekend Edition Saturday Little Beauty Anthony Browne
Weekend Edition Saturday Koko’s Kitten Francine Patterson
Weekend Edition Saturday Brothers Andrew  Blauner
Weekend Edition Sunday Burn This Book Toni Morrison, ed.

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