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What you need to know about spam filters

As book publicists, we sometimes rely on blast emails (among other forms of communication) to spread the word about books — after all, there are only so many personalized pitches you can write when you are trying to reach every single pets reporter in the country.  But it’s important to keep in mind that some corporate spam filters will quarantine these email blast messages.  And if your message does go to the recipient’s spam filter, you won’t get a message saying it wasn’t delivered because, after all, it was delivered … to the spam folder.

Also, make sure to check *your* spam folder on a regular basis.  Those of us who receive a lot of messages from people we don’t know — like publicists — should regularly check the folder for messages erroneously condemned as spam.  The other day, for example, I pulled two legitimate messages from my spam folder, one of which was from an editor asking for a JPEG of the cover of a book she wanted to feature (and neither message of which contained four-letter words, offered to make me money or promised to increase the size of my … you get my point.  Sometimes the system just makes a mistake.)  Although it might be argued that someone who really wants something will email again or call, it might also be argued that someone who sort of wants something but who can’t get it from one publicist will simply go to another publicist to get information about another book.

Moral of the story: while spam filters can save us from drowning in a flood of junk mail, they can also prevent legitimate messages from reaching the intended recipients.


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