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Are you sure you want to make that call?

I’ve railed often enough about people who cold call when sending an email with the information would be more efficient (although, as a publicist, I’ll book interviews by any and all modes of communication from carrier pigeon to Twitter) so I must confess I find it highly — if perversely — amusing when journalists call, and, frustrated by my barrage of questions, proceed to get impatient and … hang up on me.  (Yes — this has happened.  More than once.)

When I contact an author to facilitate the scheduling of an interview, I need to know a lot.  I need to know the possible day, time and length of the interview.  I need to know who else is being interviewed if it’s not a book interview.  I need to know if the interview is live or taped and if it’s live whether there is listener call in.  I need a studio / main number the author can call if something falls through at the last minute.  If it’s not a show I’m familiar with, I need to know about the show and who else has been interviewed.  This is all pretty basic information that an author should have prior to doing an interview (and, really, prior to deciding whether to do an interview).  All book publicists  should be asking these questions and hosts / producers should be willing to pony up this information.  (Hint: boilerplates come in handy right about now.)

If you think calling to book an interview is easier than sending an email, you might think again.  Calling me is a commitment.


February 12, 2009 - Posted by | Email, Miscellaneous

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