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How to get involved in online book promotion

Today, Buzz, Balls & Hype bemoans diminishing marketing budgets and suggests authors and publishing houses work together closely to maximize their efforts.


One area that is particularly conducive to a publicity novice jumping right in is the online arena — blogs, discussion groups, wikis, etc.  Although all publicity and marketing departments maintain increasingly large lists of bloggers, there are so many blogs that change so frequently, it’s impossible to keep track of all of them.  This is where the author comes in.

Did you write a book about the Civil War?  Or knitting?  Or pets who are heroes?  Look up blogs and discussion groups about those topics.  Use a site like Alexa or Technorati to determine which of those blogs get the most traffic.  Check the blogroll (the blogger’s list of favorite blogs) to find other related sites.  Blogs that appear on a lot of blogrolls are obviously more popular than those that do not.

While finding a handful of blogs might take an afternoon, becoming a part of an online community can take weeks or months.  Bookmark the blogs.  Better yet, add them to your RSS reader.  Read the posts regularly.  Comment when you have something wise or funny to say.  Get to know what a blogger likes to cover, their tone, how frequently they post.  Get to know other commenters.

Right about now, you’re asking whether it’s worth spending the time to do this.  First, if you had the wherewithal to write a book about knitting, please tell me you at least have some interest — book promotion aside — about what’s rocking the boat in the knitting community.  And second, blogs and websites link.  They link to small sites, which link to medium-sized sites which link to larger sites.  Freelancers who write about knitting visit these sites.  Print reporters who cover crafting visit these sites.  So yes, it’s worth taking the time to do this.

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  1. Agreed. Really, promoting a book isn’t that much different than promoting a website, and if commenting isn’t part of your website-promotion strategy, you’re not doing the work.

    Comment by Self-Publishing Review | January 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. […] How to get involved in online book promotion […]

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  3. My new book, Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within, is a great example. I agree with the comment left by the Self-Publishing Review. Book promotion unfolds in different spheres, but it rarely happens without effort.

    Comment by Liara Covert | August 17, 2009 | Reply

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