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How do you communicate?

I headed to Philly this weekend to watch several people in my running group run the marathon and half marathon.  With eight people to watch, I figured the most efficient way to spectate would be on wheels, so I brought my rollerblades and as it turned out, I saw almost everyone at several points in the race.  Rolling back into my hotel room after nearly five hours (somehow I didn’t get back until almost an hour after the last runner in my group finished — don’t ask me how that happened) I was really looking forward to taking off my skates and wiggling my toes.  Whereupon I discovered that, having not ridden in quite a while, I had … forgotten how to take off my skates.  After a good five minutes of tugging and yanking and pressing and pulling and only succeeding in tightening the laces, I finally decided to use the Force.  (Okay, so maybe it was muscle memory.)  So I stopped thinking and let my fingers do the work and lo and behold … snap!  The catch released and the skate slipped off.


Dave Fleet compares various methods of communicating (face-to-face, phone, email, social networking, etc.) in a conflict.  The larger issue isn’t simply how to communicate in a conflict — it’s how to communicate.  I’ve gotten email messages from people when a phone call would be much simpler; I’ve gotten many phone calls when receiving information in an email message would be far more productive.  As publicists, our jobs are to communicate not just the what and why and to whom, but also when and how.


Between my vacation and everyone else’s, I may or may not be posting for the next couple weeks.  Regular posting will resume Wednesday, December 10.

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  1. Have a great vacation. I’m planning one combining business and pleasure, but I’d really just like to take the rest of the year off with no business to do. Like that’s going to happen!

    Comment by Joan Reeves | November 30, 2008 | Reply

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