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Social networking roundup

It’s nice being able to type with my left forefinger again — I accidentally smashed it so hard in a door late last week I almost threw up.  (You figure if you have to endure that much pain, you at least want a black fingernail to show for it.  No dice.)


I could talk about social networking until I’m blue in the face (actually, I do talk about social networking until I’m blue in the face), but there’s only so much you can say without using examples.  Booksquare lists several publishing / publisher blogs in this post about social networking.  One important point Kassia Krozser makes is that you can’t control what people say about your book / brand — much like you can’t control whether a book garners good or bad reviews — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contribute to the conversation.


Speaking of social networking, some of you may have heard of (one of) the latest additions to the literary social networking world: Red Room.  (Authors can join by invitation only.  Oooh.)  I poked around a bit when one of my authors was invited to join, but haven’t been back since then because I don’t have enough time and / or don’t care enough.  Fortunately, others do.  Mark Athitakis of American Fiction Notes posts some of his thoughts about Red Room.


For anyone curious about the microblogging site Twitter, Dave Fleet posts some of the most basic, i.e., useful, tips I’ve seen for the Twitter novice.  He briefly explains what Twitter is and how to sign up for an account and then walks you through using the site.  To see what others are doing on Twitter, you can check this Buzz Bin post that links to various journalist / company profiles.


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  1. This is a great round up. Am always looking for other “expert opinions” when my authors ask about what social networking is all about.

    Sorry about your finger. You’re right – enduring that much pain should result in a black fingernail (or at least a baby!)

    Comment by Sara | November 19, 2008 | Reply

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