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What would you do if every time you got an email message you had to type in your account name and password and then you couldn’t see who the message was from or what it was about until you opened it?  How often would you check email?  Would you even bother checking it at all?

Sound ridiculous?  Think about this: I’ve just described a voicemail message.


Catching Flack posts about whether or not one should change one’s social networking profile, particularly as one graduates from college and enters the working world.  Not really a consideration for yours truly since we didn’t have social networks when I was in college (mostly on account of the Internet having just being invented), but this situation also applies to authors who already have social networking profiles when their books come out — should an author use their existing profile which may be limited to (mostly) “real” friends and family or should they create a new profile dedicated to the public / readers?  For authors who choose to create separate profiles, keep in mind that you can create more than one profile with the same name (obviously, given the number of different people with the same name) although you will need to use a different email address for each profile.  Most social networking sites allow you to set different levels of privacy so you could have one profile, for example, that is not searchable / only searchable by friends of existing friends and one profile that can be found by anyone.


Mashable posts some considerations for navigating the social media world (like not writing on your own Facebook wall or feeling the need to respond to all negative comments).


Gosh, darn: apparently Friendster has blogs now, according to fishbowlNY.  (I just logged in to my Friendster account to see how many of my friends were still active — of 66 friends, nine had logged in … since July.)


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