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Save time with Autotext / Canned Responses

ReadWriteWeb posts about Gmail’s new Canned Responses, sort of the Hallmark cards of email.  I got a kick out of reading the post because I often make use of Microsoft Outlook’s Autotext feature.  Many of you have heard me complain before about the avalanche of requests I get for books published by other imprints (departments) at my company.  Rather than retype the same response every single time, I’ve created the following Autotext that can be inserted with a couple clicks:

This is a [correct imprint] title / author (different department).  I am forwarding your message to [department’s email address] and they can help you out with your request.

For future reference, you can check our site, [website], and our Media Contact page, [website], to find the correct departmental address for your request.

For those of you using Outlook, you may have an Autotext icon on your shortcut menu bar.  If not, you can find it under the Insert tab on your menu bar.  Since you don’t have a lot of room for text, each of the above sentences will need to be created as an Autotext option.  Of course, Autotext can also be utilized for anything else you might find yourself repeatedly saying in an email message.


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