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DC book events

Late last week a colleague and I met with Perry and Loretta of Hooks Book Events.  I’ve been working with Perry for a while now, although over the years she has expanded her business and is now working with many different organizations (government and trade organizations, historical societies, business groups, etc.) in the Washington, DC area.  A few things really stand out for me as a book publicist:

  • They arrange book sales through Politics & Prose.  (No last-minute wrangling with venues / booksellers!)
  • They assume most — if not all — authors coming to DC will speak at Politics & Prose in the evening, so their events are held largely in the morning / at lunchtime.  There is no conflict between P&P and their events because the latter are held at a different time of day and often are open only to members of the host organization (although they have now started organizing public events).
  • There usually is some flexibility in the exact time of the events.  Obviously, we want to leave time for the author to do interviews, and Hooks Books is good about accomodating us in this respect — a lunchtime event could start at 11:30 a.m. for example, or it could start at 1 p.m.
  • They are interested in serious nonfiction, but this includes everything from business to history to science to politics and more.  Books dealing with leadership and the environment / sustainability are particularly popular now.
  • They’ve arranged events for big-name authors for thousands of people, but they’ve also held terrific events (and sold a lot of books, i.e., 50+) for mid-list authors.

If they have the staff available, Hooks Books can also sell books at offsite events that you arrange on your own.  You can contact them here.


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