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Morning Brief — Wednesday, August 27

Somehow, my desk chair has started sloping downward, and none of the half dozen levers on the bottom of the chair seem willing to rectify the situation.  Which leaves me about to pitch forward into (on to?) my computer …


When was the last time you worked on an embargoed book?  PRNewser took a poll on embargoed news and respondents were split 55/45 about whether the embargo is dead.


As book publicists, we don’t often hold press conferences (because, needless to say, books aren’t the best vehicle for breaking news) but every so often we are asked about things like this.  So it was interesting to read former reporter / editor The Publicity Hound’s take on press conferences: “irrelevant.”


Ed Champion passed on this video on AdAge about marketing gaffes including lying, manipulating consumers, attempting to needlessly control or dominate the conversation, and avoiding important issues.  If you’re so inclined, you can view Joseph Jaffe’s presentation and listen to his lovely South African(?) accent yourself.  I like to think that in book publicity we tend to be a little more direct — there’s no great mystery about what we’re trying to sell and if you don’t like the product, you return it.  Still, the moral of the story — whether you’re one of the behemoths Jaffe takes down in his talk or a book publicist talking up your latest project — it’s important to be as straight forward and direct as possible.


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