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Morning Brief — Wednesday, August 13

Based on friends’ blogs / Facebook status updates, I have discovered that various people are: obsessed with the Olympics, obsessed with Michael Phelps, understanding why people are obsessed with Michael Phelps, annoyed with Michael Phelps, exhausted from staying up late to watch the Olympics, exhausted as a result of being obsessed with watching Michael Phelps in the Olympics at 3 a.m. in the morning, going to Beijing to watch the Olympics, exhausted from trying to get to Beijing, hot being in Beijing, in need of an Olympics intervention and doubting those gymnasts were 16.  (Some of them did look like they were about, oh … eight.)  And someone updated his Fb status in Chinese so I don’t have a clue what that said.  Clever.

But this isn’t all fun and games.  I just had a producer ask to schedule an interview for late September because he thinks it will be pretty busy between now and early September because of the Olympics (well, that and because of the upcoming conventions).


Galleycat writes up a new literary website, Lit Mob, whose goal is cover books slightly off the beaten path.  You’ll need to pitch them by email — you can use their Contact page.


A goodly part of blogging is, of course, writing posts.  But the other part is getting your blog noticed (and keeping track of who notices it).  This is the “ping.”  Joan Reeves of Sling Words explains what a ping is and how to do it.


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