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Morning Brief — Monday, July 28

I finally retrieved my wayward Fed Ex package on Friday.  I first stopped by the New York Running Company to chat with The Coach, who immediately took issue with my traipsing about in my running shoes.  (As all good runners know, one does not walk around in one’s running sneakers.)  I was about to explain that my excursion to the Fed Ex office in the South Bronx probably would involve a fair amount of running, but he looked busy, so I held my tongue.  Onward.

After exiting the Cypress Avenue subway station, I passed the projects, walked under an underpass — yes, the kind people live under — and made my way past the car washes and abandoned buildings.  I was relieved to reach the entrance to the Fed Ex parking lot, only to have the security guard wave me around the bend.  I rounded the bend.  Was he joking?!

Straight ahead was a dirt path (come to think of it, I don’t actually remember if it was dirt, but it was the kind of path that seemed like it should be dirt) lined with overgrown grass on one side and warehouses on the other.  On Law and Order, bodies get dumped in places like this.  I trudged on for a quarter mile, past the bridge and over the … railroad tracks.  Now, I’m not opposed to a bit of trek here and there — I once ran 18 miles because I had nothing better to do — but a railroad crossing?  Really??  In the middle of New York City???  Moral of the story:  when sending review copies to writers’ home addresses, make sure to sign the signature waiver.  I’d bet they sure wouldn’t put up with this rigamarole for a package they didn’t even request.

And in other matters, did you know Whole Foods doesn’t sell Coke?  (At least the one at the Time Warner Center doesn’t.)  Friday was a bit surreal.


Jennifer Mattern at All Book Marketing discusses character blogs and whether they should be used to promote books.  Sounds fun (if you have the time).


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  1. Hi there! I’m a big fan of the site and use the daily briefings to help update our small agency’s contact database. Saw your note about Whole Foods and Coke. They don’t carry it because they “try” not to sell anything made with chemically formulated/altered ingredients – like Coke’s high fructose corn syrup. And now you know:)

    Comment by Sara | July 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’m with you, because the competition is so great these days for books, you have to make it easy as possible for the reviewer to review your book. You can’t make them run around or they will never review it.

    Comment by Book marketing newbie | July 29, 2008 | Reply

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