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Morning Brief — Monday, July 21

I grabbed some Chinese takeout at a friend’s place before a Friday night showing of The Dark Knight (did anyone not see that movie this weekend?) and it occurred to me that all Chinese takeout food is … exactly the same.  Everywhere.  Tell me — what dark magic is at work here?!


Bella Stander from Reading Under the Covers posts about book trailers.  It’s an informative and comprehensive post that includes links to book trailers and Bella’s take on the advantages and disadvantages of creating them.  Some authors comment about their book trailers here.


I’m a big fan of email, but sometimes the phone is the best way to go.  Tolly Moseley from Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists posts about how you can make phone pitches work for you.

***’s Mixed Media blog reports that Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume will step down after the November elections.


MediaPost talks about the dominance of Web 2.0 (texting, social media, blogging).  I have to say, I recently had an author on tour whose schedule changed pretty much every day, sometimes several times during the course of the day as I arranged / rearranged interviews.  So it proved pretty handy when I was able to text interview details to the Author / Producer / Media Escort at once rather than having to call numerous people with the information.


Not a good time for newspapers.  Massive newsroom layoffs / anticipated layoffs at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Baltimore Sun, the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News, the Honolulu Advertiser, the Orlando Sentinel and the (Santa Rosa) Press Democrat.  And by now I think we’ve all heard that the last stand-alone book section of the Los Angeles Times will run next Sunday.  After that reviews will be folded into the Calendar section.


Unfortunately, folding book sections affect not only book editors and reporters on staff, but freelancers as well.  Ed Champion, whose well-known podcast The Bat Segundo Show attracted hundreds of authors over the years, may be forced to end the show (which he largely bankrolled himself) because so many of his freelance gigs have dried up.  There may be a Save Segundo Plan in the works, though, so make sure to check back on Ed’s site for updates.


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