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Morning Brief — Tuesday, July 15

As pretty much everyone who knows me knows, I like computers, gadgets, technology, social media.  (A few months back I ran into an old college friend.  Another old college friend asked how he looked.  I replied, “He looks great in his Facebook picture,” to which she bellowed, “You saw him less than 24 hours ago and you’re telling me about his Facebook picture?!”)  I am, however, open minded enough to have friends who do not have Facebook profiles.  (I know, how generous of me.)  I do find it amusing, though, that Facebook-less friends, when faced with Facebook, spend ages looking through everyone’s profiles (and, of course, making you look up people they want to find), all the while declaring there’s no way they would ever join.  Curious.

As much as I and many others enjoy Facebook — both to connect with friends as well as with authors and people in the media — I don’t think all authors should set up social networking profiles.  This is an issue that comes up a lot these days (like yesterday, for instance) given the increasing popularity of social media.  There’s a really easy test to see if a profile is appropriate for an author (assuming they don’t already have one) — do you know how to go about setting up an account or can you figure it out on their own?  And once an account is set up, can you maintain it?  Having a social networking profile isn’t about having a social networking profile — it’s about using it (friend requesting people and building your network, interacting with friends online, updating your status, posting items / pictures / videos).  In other words, if Tom is your only friend, you just might want to reconsider your marketing strategy.


Layoffs at the L.A. Times have commenced.  No word yet on whether anyone covering books is among the 150 people who will leave.


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