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Morning Brief — Monday, July 14

I saw Hancock this weekend (pretty much what you would expect — fun) but I particularly got a kick out of the fact that Hancock gets a makeover by a PR guy.  I’ve never sent an author to jail (nor have I ever sent one on tour in spandex) but it was still amusing.


The New York Times reports that NPR will be cancelling The Bryant Park Project as of July 25.


Galleycat reports that ebook sales are on the rise.


Robert Gray from Fresh Eyes Now talks about (a random selection of) book groups.


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  1. Too bad about the Bryant Park project! It was nice working with them and I heard good things about the program from even non publishing folks who happened to attend it.

    Comment by Courtney | July 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Over the past eight years, NPR has had difficulties understanding that informative snark and striving to be quirky (as opposed to being naturally quirky) does not equate “youth market.” So I’m not surprised to see the Bryant Park Project go as well. I think NPR should hedge their bets more on informal yet informative programs like THE SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA instead of the strained sarcasm as journalism. If you want to get through to a youth audience, then what is needed is a sense of passionate inquiry that can be vicariously shared with the audience. That, and an end to all the damn radio hosts sounding as if they’ve just emerged from a $300 sauna, but STILL can’t be themselves.

    Comment by ed | July 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. Was the Bryant Park Project ever even on the air in NYC? I don’t think it was. I guess the Takeaway is doing basically the same radio 2.0 thing and they didn’t have room for 2 shows. At least with the Takeaway I don’t have to bring the laptop into the shower with me in the morning to hear it…

    Comment by John Mark | July 15, 2008 | Reply

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