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How to work with bloggers

The PR blog Catching Flack posts some suggestions about how to work with bloggers including doing your research about the blogs, figuring out the best way to contact the bloggers and how and when to offer freebies.

One thing to keep in mind — for bloggers or traditional journalists — is that just because you think something should be covered, doesn’t mean they do.  Or maybe they do want to cover your book / author but don’t have the time — many bloggers hold full-time jobs and simply don’t have the time to do everything they’d like to do.

As publicists, we should be trying to make it as easy as possible for the media to cover our books and authors.  This means making sure that all vital book / author / contact information is clear.  And please, *make sure your email address is in your signature* because it doesn’t always come out in an email.  Include some brief information (no large attachments) and links.  By links I do, of course, mean permalinks — don’t house all content on an author website under one domain name.  This is annoying bordering on useless for a blogger (who will want to direct their readers to a specific area of a website like an author tour schedule or an author video or photos from the book).


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  1. Good advice. Guess a sequel to this would be for bloggers on how to work with authors? Go for it.

    Comment by Joan Reeves | July 14, 2008 | Reply

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