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Morning Brief — Wednesday, July 2

Happy almost-Fourth!  For those of you who are still here.


Leon Neyfakh of the New York Observer reports that Culture + Travel is becoming a quarterly after budget cuts following a circulation dip.


Joan Stewart at The Publicity Hound’s Blog talks about how to use LinkedIn to promote a product (book).  I have to confess my LinkedIn profile is just, well, there, but apparently some people use it quite successfully to do stuff.  I would do that.  If I had time.


Moonrat over at Editorial Ass posts about a recent convo with a potential author who dismissed her opinions assuming she was too junior.  In my years in publishing, I’ve found that what really counts — in editorial, publicity, or really, any department — isn’t so much years of experience and title, but interest and expertise.  Those are qualities that can be found in anyone at any level — ignore this at your own peril.  (This reminds me a little of the time a bike messenger ran into me … and flew off his bike into traffic.  Yours truly was fine.  Moral of that story is don’t make assumptions based on first appearances, for those of you who are utterly lost by that analogy.)


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