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Morning Brief — Wednesday, June 25

Alice from AMACOM passed on this link from Problogger about the goals of PR people, why we’re relentlessly pitching, etc.  It’s an interesting post (and check the comments section too), especially coming off a discussion I had with a journalist friend yesterday about the utility of PR people.  She said she didn’t like going to PR folk for comment (or using services like HARO that help journalists connect with sources via publicists) because she didn’t want to fall prey to an “agenda.”  I told her that of course we have an agenda, but that most of us are pretty up front about it — and in book publicity I’d have to say the cat’s out of the bag from the get go.  So I told her there’s no reason why she shouldn’t accept help from a PR person as long as she does her own research as well and doesn’t simply take that information as the gospel truth.  Joan Stewart from The Publicity Hound says pretty the same thing — that as a reporter / editor there certainly were occasions where she was grateful for the reliable PR person.


Chris Brogan makes some helpful suggestions about how to write an email that gets answered.  I’d like to highlight:

List “ways to contact you online and off — never presume your email address is obvious, especially if your email has been forwarded by others.”

A lot of times people leave their email addresses out of signatures.  Bad move.  Not only does someone have to copy and paste twice if they are adding your information to their Contacts database, but depending on how the message is forwarded, the email address can disappear entirely.  Moral of the story: include your email address in your email signature.


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  1. Hey Yen — Erik Sebellin-Ross here, I’m the author of that ProBlogger post about PR people. Those comments *were* quite lively, weren’t they? 🙂

    Regarding “falling prey to an agenda” — I’ve never heard such a sentiment from anyone (blogger or reporter) before, though I’ve suspected. How often have you encountered that?

    Comment by eriksr | July 3, 2008 | Reply

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