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NPR Books Watch Contest (5/16-5/22)

Anyone who emails me the imprints of all the books listed (or houses if no imprint is available) will win the NPR Books Grid for the prior week that includes, in addition to the information below, interviewer, pub date, imprint, post-interview Amazon ranking, pre-interview ranking (if the book was mentioned on Shelf Awareness and I was able to look up the number before the interview), subject category and interview hyperlink.

TOTAL book stories this week: 22

All Things Considered: 6

BookTour: 1

Bryant Park Project: 1

Day to Day: 1

Fresh Air: 7

Talk of the Nation: 2

Tell Me More: 1

Weekend Edition Saturday: 1

Weekend Edition Sunday: 2


All Things Considered Conversion, The Joseph Olshan
All Things Considered Time to Fight, A Jim Webb
All Things Considered Corpse Walker, The Yiwu Liao
All Things Considered Hakawati, The Rabih  Alameddine 
All Things Considered N/A (First-Time Novelists Make a Splash on the Web)
All Things Considered Pigeon Wants a Puppy, The Mo  Willems
BookTour Our Story Begins Tobias Wolff
Bryant Park Project, The Shack, The William P. Young
Day to Day Bright Shiny Morning James Frey
Fresh Air Stolen Innocence Elissa  Wall
Fresh Air Lady of the Snakes  Rachel Pastan
Fresh Air Sister, The Poppy Adams
Fresh Air People on Privilege Hill Jane Gardam
Fresh Air Exiles, The Ron  Hansen
Fresh Air Time to Fight, A Jim Webb
Fresh Air Nixonland Rick  Perlstein
Fresh Air Kirby Mark  Evanier
Fresh Air Firefight Patrick  Creed 
Talk of the Nation Woman Who Can’t Forget Jill Price
Talk of the Nation Insomniac Gayle  Greene
Talk of the Nation Snooze…or Lose! Helene A.  Emsellem
Tell Me More Her Best Shot Laura  Browder
Weekend Edition Saturday White Tiger Aravind  Adiga
Weekend Edition Sunday Place Called Canterbury, A Dudley  Clendinen
Weekend Edition Sunday Truancy Isamu  Fukui

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Tips for Kindle users

I met up with a couple book publicity colleagues for lunch and, perhaps not surprisingly, our conversation turned to the Kindle vs. Sony’s eReader at one point.  I returned to the office to find an email from Sarah Weinman, from Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind, alerting me to the Kindle Tips blog (just in time too, now that Amazon is back in stock).  Although there are many ebook blogs out there, this one is written by two literary agents — Shana Cohen and Stuart Krichevsky — so it’s geared more to the publishing industry. 

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Morning Brief — Thursday, May 22

Tiffany from Krupp reports “Jessica Guff from GMA Now is taking a six-month leave of absence starting in June.  Moving forward, contact Lee Alexander and/or Laiea Smith.”


The PR blog The Buzz Bin talks up the importance of bloggers commenting on other blogs.  (You may remember that the other day The Publicity Hound’s Blog posted about blog comments as well.)


ReadWriteWeb posts some very handy tips about social media, essentially social media 101.  It talks about blogging and also using social networks, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


RWW also lists the top 10 social networking sites for the month of April.  Although MySpace has far and away the most members, its three percent growth last month is a sliver of the 56 percent growth rate for Facebook or 361 percent for LinkedIn.


Buzz, Balls & Hype runs a feature about how often authors should check in with their agents.  As a publicist, I don’t have much to do with the author / agent relationship, but it’s interesting to see how these things work.

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