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How to pitch using new(ish) technologies

What I’m going to discuss really isn’t new, but we’re in an industry that hasn’t changed much since Gutenberg, so basically it counts as new for us.  All book publicists are accustomed to pitching by phone and email (and sometimes fax).  Have you thought about pitching via IM or Facebook?  Or what about setting up a feed for your press releases?  If you pitch or are thinking of “Web 2.0” pitching (using IM, social networks, RSS readers, etc.) you should read this ReadWriteWeb post about how they like to be pitched.  (Incidentally, they don’t like being pitched by IM, Twitter, phone or Facebook.)  Granted, how you pitch someone varies from person to person and this post covers only the preferences of the RWW editors, but it raises some important issues to consider.

And if you really want to play around with your press material, check out this interactive release from PR Squared.

I’m excited to try out all of this, but at the same time, it does takes time to figure out how to work something new (and work it well) and at the end of the day what matters is the book and the author, not what the release looks like or how many hyperlinks it has.  So play it by ear — sometimes what will work best is plain and simple; other times you may have the opportunity to try something new, so carpe diem.

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