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Morning Brief — April 17, 2008

Bud Parr of Chekhov’s Mistress mentions that Idlewild, a bookstore specializing in  travel / culture / international literature will be opening in NYC’s Union Square.  The website doesn’t say when exactly in 2008 the store will be opening …


Sandra Beck of the publicity blog Build Buzz has some ideas about how to pitch the media with TV show story lines.  Typically we’re all pretty well-versed in the news stories of the day as we pitch the media (or we should be, at any rate), but this might be another way to pitch the right book / author.


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  1. all that (!) I don’t think the analogy works for self-publishing/PoD. Michael’s point qutoed by Maggie is, for me, the nub of the whole thing and says it all and is borne out, sadly, by Jane’s many reviews of self-published books on her other blog. The oft-quoted idea that conventional publishers play it too safe to publish people’s edgy, experimental fiction, and won’t touch it because it isn’t commercial enough, displays a misunderstanding and ignores the many risky, experimental and not immediately commercial books which are published by mainstream fiction imprints every year. Like Jane, I am not anti-self publishing, and think it can be good for things which obviously don’t have a broad appeal. My father, for example, self-published a booklet on the history of the church clock in his village. He sold about 1000 copies and made a small (tiny) profit which he donated to the church. [Word ver: uncianti. Some kind of Italian wine version of anti-matter??]

    Comment by Indrajeet | May 25, 2012 | Reply

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