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New venue for authors in L.A.

Holly from Viking Penguin just passed on some information about Justin Kern’s new author venue in LA called Not to be Reproduced, “a vintage clothing store that is also a venue for holding events for musicians, artists, authors, etc.  The store has already been featured in Vogue and it sounds like they want to feature him again for one of his events in July.  He holds the events about once a month and is most interested in pairing authors with others–as mentioned, musicians, artists, etc.–unless it is a bigger name author.  The author will read for about 20-30 minutes and then instead of having a sit down book signing, they have cocktails (there is an open bar and the events are free but you have to be invited) where people mingle and have books signed.  He generally gets about 60 or more people to come to one of these parties and the crowd is very diverse, but not necessarily comprised of people who would ordinarily come to readings so it is a good place to get your author’s name out to new people.  His audiences tend to be more fashion/music/movie people–as he put it, these events give the author more of a ‘rock star’ feel and make his attendees feel more ‘cerebral.'”

Holly says Kern has arranged for books to be sold by BookSoup in the past.


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