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I’ve been really busy / away these past few weekends so I haven’t been looking through my print NY Times as closely as I should have been doing, so imagine my surprise when I opened the paper Sunday morning to find not only a revamped table of contents on page 2, but also a ToC for on page 4!

Technophile though I may be, I’d have to admit that I think what we’re seeing these days is not so much the triumph of new media over old media, but the mash up of new media and old media — much like Hera and Nicky (the Cylon / human hybrids for those of you who have the misfortune to not be Battlestar Galactica fans).

So the venerable Gray Lady, for example, started an online-only section called City Room. And several book sections also feature blogs: the Boston Globe has Off the Shelf, the Chicago Sun-Times The Book Room, the Dallas Morning News Texas Pages, the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel’s Off the Page, the LAT Jacket Copy, the NYT Paper Cuts and Reading Room and the Washington Post Short Stack.  Former DM-N BRE Jerome Weeks now blogs at Bookdaddy and now-retired Philly Inky BRE Frank Wilson continues to blog at Books, Inq.  On the other side of the coin, many bloggers have made inroads into the print community. When Wilson retired, a slew of lit bloggers who have reviewed for that publication posted fond farewells. Or Carolyn Kellogg, the blogger behind Pinky’s Paperhaus, now has a regular gig with Jacket Copy.

What does this mean for book promotion? More flexibility. Our media contacts who once were limited to only one medium can now bring their writing to multiple audiences. Happy Monday. 🙂


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