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Earlier today I met with Ricky Opaterny, who heads up the author program at Google.  Many of you have worked with him to arrange author talks at Google and know the basics, but here are a few items with which you may not be familiar (plus some basics):

— Author talks are taped and uploaded to YouTube.  The average talk gets about 3,000 views.  Not surprisingly, authors with strong online presences get the most hits.

— The biggest events are at the Mountain View mother ship, but they hold events in many of their other offices nationwide (and overseas) including Ann Arbor, Boston, Boulder, Irvine (an hour from LA), Kirkland (20 minutes from Seattle), and Santa Monica.  You’re probably wondering if they will hold multiple events with authors — they rarely do since once a talk is uploaded to YouTube it’s then accessible to all their employees.

— Events (at all locations) draw a median of 60 people, but usually range from 50-250 people and can draw as many as 1000. 

— A lot of their speakers are well-known front list authors, but not all.  In some cases, they may consider covering local travel / accomodations for an author who is not touring, i.e., sending an author from NYC up to Boston.  They will never pay speaking fees or honoraria.

— Google purchases books from Ingram (most of the time) for all event attendees.  People have the option of attending an event in person or watching it streamed in the Internet (because that’s the kind of thing Googlers do even if we publishing folk don’t).

For those of you who don’t already have Ricky’s contact information, you can get in touch with him here.  Keep an eye on the program — no doubt they have cool initiatives in the pipeline as Google invariably does.


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