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Lots of stories about not-haute cuisine

I think I heard somewhere that three things makes a trend (although don’t quote me on that — I could just as easily be making that up) but to use my possibly-made-up definition of a trend, I’d like to bring to your attention a story that I have heard / seen four times in the past few days:  cooking with food bought only from dollar stores.  First, Alex Cohen interviewed Christiane Jory about her book The 99¢ Only Stores Cookbook on Day to Day last Friday.  Today, the NYT ran a story How to Survive in New York on 99 Cents that was picked up by both Boing Boing and Kottke.  Um, does this mean we’re in a recession?  At any rate, if any of you work with authors who can comment about food / lifestyle this may be an angle to pitch.

In somewhat related matters, I often attend Publishers Publicity Association lunches and panelists are inevitably asked how they get their book news / what media they follow.  It’s interesting to see that it was today’s Times story that was picked up by the bloggers, while last week’s NPR story on the same topic flew under the radar (in the blogosphere, at least).  In case you’re wondering, several hours after her NPR interview, Jory’s book ranked #8,277 on Amazon.  (As of mid-day Wednesday, it’s down to #13,263, so it looks like some people followed Day to Day’s story even if they weren’t bloggers.)


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