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NPR Books Watch Contest (3/15-3/21)

I know a lot of people are out today / have left early, but whoever is left / is checking email: the first person to let me know (correctly, of course) the imprints of these books will win the NPR Books Grid for this week that lists, in addition to the information below, the dates, imprints, book subjects and post-interview Amazon rankings for these books.  (We officially closed at 3 p.m. and I’m heading out, so I’ll get you the grid by early next week.)

TOTAL this week: 10 book stories

1. All Things Considered / Vivian Goodman / Buzzard, The / John Gorman (8 book stories on ATC this month / 4 this week)

2. All Things Considered / Michele Norris / Why Women Should Rule / DeeDee Myers

3. All Things Considered / N/A (You Must Read This) / John Marks

4. All Things Considered / Noah Adams / But Didn’t We Have Fun / Peter Morris

5. Day to Day / Madeleine Brand / Generation Kill / Evan Wright (4 MTD / 2 WTD)

6. Day to Day / Alex Cohen / 99¢ Only Stores Cookbook, The / Christiane Jory

7. Fresh Air / Terry Gross / Man Who Pushed America to War, The / Aram Roston (5 MTD/ 2 WTD)

8. Fresh Air / Terry Gross / Willing / Scott Spencer

9. Morning Edition / Karen Grisgby Bates / N/A (Writers Respond to a ‘Faux Memoir’ of Gang Life) (4 MTD / 1 WTD)

10. Weekend Edition Sunday / Bonny Wolf / Happy Nowruz / Najmieh Batmanglij (1 MTD/ 1 WTD)


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