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This morning I mentioned Peter Shankman’s although I wasn’t sure at that point how it worked.  I subscribed and it’s basically like Profnet — reporters’ interviewing needs are collected by someone and then broadcast to a subscriber list.  If your author doesn’t mind, have them sign up for (either) service and then they would contact the reporter when a story in their field of expertise comes up.  This wouldn’t be as substantial as an author interview, but it’s another way to get a book mention out there.

I haven’t used Profnet in years so I don’t know what that’s like now, but one feature I particularly like about Shankman’s service is that emails list the topic and deadline in the subject line, so I don’t even need to open the email if I know I don’t have an author writing about that subject.  I suppose I might change my mind if I start getting 50 emails a day from him, but for now, gets a thumbs up.


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