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Morning Brief

Maureen from Penguin Books pointed out an interesting article in AdAge about whether web advertising works.   (The short answer: it can — for the right product — but read the article for more details.)


As publicists, one of the issues we face is how to keep tabs on various blogs / websites.  What’s your brower’s start page and which sites do you follow during the day?  Duncan Riley from TechCrunch talks about how he keeps up with his sites.


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  1. An RSS Feedreader is a MUST for anyone doing book PR these days. Good bloggers really demand that you be very familiar with their work if they are going to respond to you and we would all lose our minds if we tried to visit every important site everyday.

    My personal choice is also the Google Reader.

    2 tips:

    1. Make use of folders in a feed reader so you can be thinking about one project at a time.

    2. (Some managers may not appreciate this but…) Have at least 1 folder for stuff of personal interest. It keeps me coming back to the reader and keeps the process fun for me. If it was all work all the time in my feed reader I’d probably start avoiding it like the plague.

    Comment by Jeff Nordstedt | March 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. I pretty much divide my life as a publicist into before RSS reader and after RSS reader, which is to say I couldn’t agree with you more. And another thing for us to remember is that we don’t have to check all our feeds all the time. When I’m busy, I’ll make sure to check all my media/publishing and lit blog stories (or headlines, at least) but I’ll skip hundreds of others.

    Comment by Yen | March 19, 2008 | Reply

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